Minnie Lucas

"My core gift is love. I use it with kindness and give without expectation."

Peer Mentor

  • NAMI Connection, Peer to Peer
  • W.R.A.P.
  • Weekly Awakening
  • Beading, Arts & Crafts Group
  • Watercolor Art
  • Understanding Family Dynamic
  • Community Give Back Outing

Wellness Center West program is funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency. 

​Amit Khurana-Peer Mentor

  • The Poet's Society
  • Creative Art Projects 
  • Foreign languages: English, Spanish, French,German, and Hindi

Mental Health Service Act

Tuyen Phung​  

-Program Director

Francis Avalos-Peer Mentor

  • Art & Cooking Groups
  • SSI/SSDI benefits
  • Basic Spanish 
OC Health Care Agency

Paul Rosenblum

"My core gift is trustworthiness and I use it by standing for what I believe in with kindness." 

Peer Mentor

  • Dual Recovery Support Group
  • Relapse Prevention​​​
  • ​Men's Group
  • D.B.S.A.
  • Walk for Wellness
  • Community Give Back Outing

Bill Mahoney

"My core gift is loyalty and I use it to create self-esteem."

Peer Mentor

  • Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (D.B.S.A.)
  • Pathway to Recovery
  • ​Life Enhancement
  • ​Smoking Cessation

Lauren Garcia

-Assistant Program Director

"My core gift is genuineness and I use it by being open and honest with others."

  • Develop and implement programs that increase the level of independent functioning of consumers. 

Jamie Riggs

"My core gift is listening and I use it by making people feel comfortable even when they are sad." 

Peer Mentor

  • Basic Crochet
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Waist Watchers
  • Enlightenment & Philosophy
  • ​Guided Imagery Meditation
  • Drawing, Choir

Thuy Tran​-Peer Mentor

  • Basic Knitting
  • Tai Chi 
  • "Viet" D.B.S.A.
  • "Viet" Daily Decision Making

Long Nguyen

"My core gift is peace. I use it by keeping my mind clear."
Data Analyst

  • Responsible to develop analysis and reporting capabilities, and to continuously monitor program outcomes.

Paul Tran
"My core gift is making people happy. I do it by not judging others."

Administrative Assistant

  • Provides administrative & ​clerical support for the program.

John Reynolds- Peer Mentor

  • Our Spirituality
  • Self-Esteem
  • AA Meetings

Sandy To

"My core gift is diversity. I do it by not taking things for granted." 

Regional Clinical Supervisor

  • ​Provides support and guidance, and ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are followed.

Denise Cuellar

"My core gift is inspiring others.  I do this by helping people achieve their goals." 

Employment/Volunteer Specialist

  • Work Units, Mental Health 101
  • ​Decision Making Employment
  • ​Facilitation 101
  • Karaoke, Life Skills

"My core gift is altruism and I use it by being compassionate and empathetic towards others."

  • Directs all operational and program aspects of the Wellness Center West program; including the development and administration of Wellness Center policies, procedures, and programs that increases the level of independent function of consumers. 

Quinn Tran
"My core gift is laughter; I use it by being friendly and open."
Education Specialist

  • Vocational Education
  • Easy Cooking on a Budget
  • Basic Computer
  • Typing, Basic Computer, Internet Support
  • Viet Media, Arts, Connections​​

Mary Andrews

"My core gift is being of service and I use it by sharing recovery."

Housing Specialist

  • Social Outing
  • Organic Gardening
  • Housing Skills
  • Living & Planning
  • ​Women's Group
  • Relationship & Communication

Wellness Center West

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Phone: (657) 667-6455