Sing and Dance to Fame
By Craig Costello

You’ve got talent,
To sing and dance.
All you’ll do is,
Give it a chance,

You want dreams,
You want fame.
Everything is,
Not just the same.

Show the audience,
The energy you’ve got.
If you do it,
You’ll be red hot.

Sing a song,
Do a dance as well.
You’ve got energy,
That’s so swell.

Get up and go,
Make a big claim.
Perform in high gear,
Sing and dance to fame.

Wake Up
by Jammin Jean

Sometimes you cry yourself to sleep,
All the noises
In your head
And you don’t
Want to hear a peep.

You don’t want to deal with reality,
Life is a challenge,
Don’t be afraid.

You’ve gotta wake up,
Don’t waste time,
Life lives on,
And losing ain’t no crime.

You’ve gotta keep on trying
Don’t lose the fight,
Don’t lose sight
Of your dreams
What’s in your heart
Happiness and laughter.

What happens now,
What happens later,
How it all works,
And keep working on it.

When all is done
And you’ve had your fun.
You go back asleep
And realize all the knowledge you can keep!