WCW Member Newsletter (in progress)
Writing Submission

Member Advisory Board (M.A.B.) needs your support and stories submission to put together our 1st newsletter for Wellness Center West beginning 2018.

Please choose/circle from one of the following writing prompts and provide us your writing sample to feature in the upcoming newsletter.


  • How can you utilize your strength (humor, compassion, empathy, listening, friendship, etc.) to help someone in need today?

  • Please share with us a recent success (giving more attention to yourself, others, i.e. grooming, goals, contemplating plans, etc.) and how you’ve grown from it.

  • How is 2018 going to be better than 2017 for you? 

Member Advisory Board (M.A.B.) 
Meeting Schedule 2018-2019 every 1st Wednesday each month

from 10 A.M. --11:30 A.M.

*Guest interested in attending please inquire with Program Director

Please inquire with Program Director how to get involve with M.A.B.

Mission Statement
     The mission of the Wellness Center is to “Provide a safe and nurturing environment for each individual to achieve their vision of Recovery while promoting acceptance, dignity and social inclusion”.  The goal of the Member Advisory Board is to represent The Wellness Center’s ethnically and culturally diverse membership and to ensure that the services are of high quality, accessible, culturally competent, resiliency-focused and cost-effective.  It is also to ensure that the activities and groups are member driven and are embedded with a support network based on peer support.  This includes, but not limited to, increasing personalized socialization, relationship building, social outings and recreational activities, providing educational opportunities, assisting in maintaining benefits, assisting in setting employment goals and encouraging integration into the community.

Some of the Functions of the “Member Advisory Board” (MAB):

  • Help in determining future services to be provided
  • Evaluate services for continuation
  • Participate in Wellness Center social activities
  • Interact and support Wellness Center members
  • Support the Wellness Center management and staff
  • Chair/ Co-chair a MAB sub-committee
  • Co-facilitate a group

Message from the M.A.B. Team:
The Member Advisory Board is a creative and energetic team devoted to the needs of the members of the Wellness Center.  Each member of the team contributes in his or her own way directly to the Wellness Center’s growth and success.  It is the teams hope that you will join us in being a part of the Wellness Center’s Member Advisory Board.  Thank you for your consideration!

Member Advisory Board (M.A.B.)